Eminem faces his demons in 'Fall' video, the first from Kamikaze

Eminem has released the first video from his Kamikaze album and in it faces internet demons spawned by the negative reactions to his last album, Revival.

'Fall' made headlines for the controversial verbal attacks the rapper makes, especially towards Tyler the Creator - who he mentions in the same sentence as a censored but obvious homophobic slur.

The 'Fall' video starts with Eminem receiving negative messages on his phone about Revival, which eventually creep out of multiple electronic devices to form a shadowy spectre that pursues him.

Intercut with footage of Eminem rapping the song's lyrics, the demon then chases him through an urban environment before finally catching up with him in a tall building. There, the demon leaps into his body, before he jumps through a window and falls to what looks like it'd be his death.

However, the final segment of the video sees Eminem standing up with demonic eyes and walking off into the night - stamping on a CD copy of Revival as he goes.

In addition to Tyler the Creator, 'Fall' also takes aim at Charlamagne tha God, Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks, Lord Jamar and the Grammys.

The track features vocals from Bon Iver's Justin Vernon, who publicly spoke out against it after the homophobic slur following its release.

He said Eminem's use of the word 'f****t' in the lyrics was "tired", adding he asked for the track to be changed.