Post Malone 'cursed' after touching 'world's most haunted object', says Ghost Adventures star

Post Malone may be haunted by scary ghosts or evil spirits, says a self-proclaimed paranormal expert.
A common ghost; Post Malone Photo credit:; Reuters

Post Malone's recent string of bad luck might have a scary explanation, according to the star of Ghost Adventures.

Over a few weeks, the rapper almost died in a plane crash when both wheels of his private jet blew out during takeoff, he wrecked his Rolls-Royce in a high-speed crash, and his old house was robbed by three armed men.

Zak Bagans is the star of US TV show Ghost Adventures, which aims to document paranormal activity.

He told gossip website TMZ that he and the 'Rockstar' hitmaker played about with the dybbuk box, which is sometimes referred to as "the world's most haunted object". According to Jewish lore, dybbuk boxes were used to contain malicious spirits and are the inspiration for the 2012 movie The Possession

Bagans says he and Malone drank a few beers before removing the protective casing and touching the box - which allegedly triggered the curse.

"Zak believes it's absolutely what's behind Post's string of death-defying incidents," reports TMZ.

Bagans doesn't give details on what type of evil being is in the dybbuk box - be it a demon, a ghost, Satan, a zombie or something else.

Video of Bagans touching the object with Malone in the room has also been published on TMZ.

The rapper hasn't commented on the story, but did tweet earlier this month that God must hate him due to all the bad luck he's suffered.