Blind man sues Playboy because he can't use their website

  • 01/12/2018
A keyboard.
Photo credit: Getty

A Californian man is suing Playboy, claiming its website isn't friendly to the visually impaired.

Donald Nixon says and are not compatible with his screen-reading software, in violation of the Disabilities Act.

Mr Nixon is legally blind and says it's not fair he can't use Playboy's facilities as well as everyone else. The company's sites lack "a text equivalent for every non-text element", the New York Post reports.

Images uploaded to the internet are often accompanied by a text description. This helps not just the visually impaired, but also lets people know what the image is if it fails to load.

"Due to the inaccessibility of Defendant's Website, blind and visually-impaired customers such as Plaintiff, who need screen-readers, cannot fully and equally use or enjoy the facilities, products, and services Defendant offers to the public on its Website," the suit reads, according to entertainment news site The Wrap.

"The access barriers Plaintiff encountered have caused a denial of Plaintiff's full and equal access in the past, and now deter Plaintiff on a regular basis from visiting the Website, presently and in the future."

Mr Nixon says he is also unable to purchase Playboy merchandise because of the missing descriptions.

He has not publically commented on the suit, nor has Playboy.