Review: Shortland Street - The Musical is a hilarious must-see

One of the biggest icons of New Zealand pop culture history, Shortland Street, has made the leap from television to stage.
Now if you think this is the moment the show jumps the shark, you need to get yourself one of Lionel's muffins and get with the programme.

Shortland Street: The Musical hits all the right notes for fans of the show like me, and should not be missed.

Comedian Chris Parker spoke to Newshub's The Outlook podcast about playing one of the show's original characters, Nick Harrison.

"He'd been on the show forever and I have the honour of being the teenager of the show, despite being 28," Parker said.

Despite portraying the long-haired westie to perfection, it's a total different character that Parker most identifies with.

"I really liked Gerald, played by Harry McNaughton. That character went on a real journey. He was asexual in the end. Bless."

Indeed, asexuality is just one of the many issues the soap opera has dealt with over the years - which is reflected in one of the lines in the musicals opening song: "We deal with issues nationwide like gay marriage and suicide."

"What I think Shortland Street does that's remarkable is that brings [issues] out and makes them accessible by putting it inside of characters who we've grown to love, so we feel like it's happening to a member of our family," Parker said.

Packed with references to well-known moments from the shows history, from "You're not in Guatemala now, Dr Ropata" to the time Rachel McKenna got struck by lightning and fell in love, the stage show hits all the sweet spots fans of the TV show want to see.

And as for the music - put it this way, I've had the opening number stuck in my head for nearly a week now.

Kia ora Shortland Street.

Shortland Street: The Musical is on at the ASB Waterfront Theatre until December 9.