'I love you... please': Emotional Thomas Markle begs Meghan to contact him

Thomas Markle has accused his daughter Meghan of 'ghosting' him in a new television interview that's being widely shared online.

The Duchess of Sussex's father gave a lengthy interview to Good Morning Britain (GHB) in which he appeared emotional and repeatedly begged his daughter to get in contact with him.

"I love you very much - you're my daughter," said Thomas.

"Whatever differences or problems we've had, we should be able to work them out - we're family. Please, reach out to me."

Recently, Thomas claimed Meghan had handed out cannabis at her first wedding, and exposed private cards she'd written to him.

In the new interview, he was asked if he understood she might not have as much time for him now she was in the "palace system".

He disagreed.

"There has to be a place for me, I'm her father. I will be the grandfather to her children," he said.

"All I can say is that I'm here, she knows it; I've reached out to her and I need her to reach back to me. I love her very much."

The 74-year-old was accused of notoriously staging paparazzi photos in the days leading up to Meghan's wedding with Prince Harry - an occasion he decided not to attend.

"I've apologised 100 times for that," Thomas said of the photo scandal. "I don't feel that's worthy of being shunned or ghosted - that's ridiculous."

Controversial GHB host Piers Morgan himself recently accused Meghan of 'ghosting' him, slamming her as a "ruthless social climber" and citing her former acting career as evidence.

He told Thomas he "felt sorry" for him.

"I think it's a sad situation. I wish you all the very best for the festive period," said Morgan. "Stay in touch - we won't cut you off."

Meghan has not publicly responded to her father's latest accusations.