Pornhub 2018: 'Maori' New Zealand's most searched word

Pornhub has released its insights into the year of 2018, including detailed statistics on how New Zealanders use its content.

The adult entertainment website says it received 33.5 billion visits from around the world this year, up 5 billion from 2017.

It says it's now receiving over 100 million visits every day - and many of them are made by Kiwis. Despite ranking 126th worldwide for population, New Zealand is ranked 27th worldwide in Pornhub traffic.

'Maori' is the most popular search term for New Zealand Pornhub users, followed by 'lesbian', which is the world's number one.

The most popular Pornhub searches of 2018 - New Zealand vs the world.
Photo credit: Pornhub

'Samoan', 'New Zealand', 'Fortnite' and 'MILF' round out the top five searches for Kiwis.

Despite what people searched for most in Aotearoa, what they actually watched is closer the habits of the rest of the world - 'lesbian', 'MILF', 'threesome', 'teen' and 'mature' formed the top five most viewed categories in New Zealand, respectively.

Pornhub says its New Zealand viewers skew more female than the rest of the planet - 39 percent of Kiwis using the website identify as female, while the world's overall average increased to 29 percent in 2018.

How long Kiwis spend on their average visit to the pornography provider is just over ten minutes - fairly in line with the rest of the world - but that number changes throughout New Zealand's regions.

On average, visitors from Gisborne spend the most time per Pornhub visit at 11 minutes and 16 seconds, while Otago users spend the least, with an average of nine minutes and 59 seconds.

The most viewed Pornhub content of 2018 - New Zealand vs the world.
Photo credit: Pornhub

That's not the only statistic that Gisborne tops, either.

"Visitors from Gisborne are 36 percent more likely to view gay male oriented pages when compared to the national average," Pornhub Insights says. The region second most likely to view gay male porn was the Tasman District, which was 8 percent higher than the national average.

Worldwide, Pornhub says the searches that 'defined' 2018 were (in order): Stormy Daniels, Fortnite, 4K, romantic, trans, outdoor, tattoos, Tinder, Bowsette and threesome.

One of the biggest differences between New Zealand and the rest of the world is what people view Pornhub on. While 72 percent of visitors internationally look at the website on their smartphone, only 22 percent of Kiwi visitors do, with a whopping 66 percent still using their desktop or laptop.

The remaining 12 percent of New Zealand visitors use their tablets.

What ages and genders of New Zealand are using Pornhub in 2018.
Photo credit: Pornhub

Pornhub claims its users are increasingly using the website for socialising, too. It says that 64 million private messages were sent in 2018 and 7.9 million comments were left on videos.

More details statistics from Pornhub's year in review can be found on its website.