Review: Wreck-It-Ralph sequel comes with real meaningful messages

Aquaman isn't the only big ticket draw card swimming into cinemas this Boxing Day as fans of Wreck-It Ralph finally have their sequel.

In the film, John C Riley once again lends his vocal chords to the lead role of Ralph with Sarah Silverman returning as his sweet-as sassy side-kick Vanellope, who together uncover the gaming revolution that is the internet.

While the real-world name-checking at times got my goat a little, the in-jokes that also come with that territory more than made up for it as poor Ralph manages to wreck-it big time on a mission to clean up his own mess when all he set out to do was make people happy.

The rather cool thing about this Ralph chap is how big his heart is. Here his story embeds some really meaningful messages about self-worth, attachment and the bonds of friendship which felt fresh and timely, packaged up in a way Kiwi kids can take on board amidst the crazy spectacle of it all.

As blasphemous as this sounds, I didn't put my arcade coins into the original Ralph.

But while I didn't bring any inbuilt love for the character, I certainly left with it and there is one insanely delivered Disney princess sequence which may be one of the funniest things I've seen in years. 

Four stars.