A reimagining of Storm Boy for a new generation of cinema-goers

A reimagining of the classic Storm Boy story has just landed in New Zealand cinemas almost 40 years after the original film.

While it's a very Australian tale, Storm Boy has always resonated strongly with Kiwi audiences of all ages.

Even after more decades than I care to publically recount, my childhood memories of Storm Boy are still very strong, the lone young Australian boy and his friendship with a pelican.

It was the way the film made me feel which has lingered - that overpowering sense of isolation, of loss and sadness.

Now for a new generation, Storm Boy and Mr Percival the Pelican are back.

This time Storm Boy isn't entirely Aussie Aussie Aussie - young rising star Finn Little's from sunny Queensland. His Mum, well she's from Papakura.

Finn had never acted in a feature film before and it was a big day in the Little household when he won the part.

"They rang and said 'just letting you know you have got it'. Mum was just screaming and I was doing a little dance in the lounge, it was really amazing, and it really changed everything for me," said Finn.

Change everything it did, and Finn's Sydney premiere felt like the perfect opportunity for me to declare this day 'Take My Child to Work Day' for my own little Storm Boy's first red carpet.

He had just one simple mission, once Mum forced him to do his red carpet homework of course, and that was to meet Finn, and give the half Kiwi, his own kiwi. 

Cute stuffed kiwis are one thing. They're much easier to hang onto than the pelicans featured in the film.

The filmmakers were granted rare access to Coorong National Park in South Australia; a vast bird sanctuary ranked among the finest in the world and home to the native pelican.

Finn's feathered co-stars were reared from chicks for their big screen debut and these magnificent birds are the very heart and soul of the Storm Boy story; a story now ready to charm its way into a whole new generation of cinema-goers.