Alec Baldwin pleads guilty over parking spot fight

  • 24/01/2019
Alec Baldwin.
Alec Baldwin. Photo credit: Getty

Actor Alec Baldwin has pleaded guilty to a second-degree harassment violation, after a violent parking incident.

Baldwin, 60, admitted to pushing a man in a dispute over a parking spot last year.

He's being ordered to undergo anger management courses, and has to pay a US$120 fine.

Baldwin originally faced a tougher charge of assault, but video evidence proved he didn't punch the victim. The judge also took Baldwin's lack of criminal history into account during sentencing.

Baldwin has a history of losing his temper. In 2011 he was thrown off an American Airlines flight because he wouldn't stop playing a game on his mobile before take-off, and was arrested in 2014 after being stopped while riding his bike and getting into an argument with the officer.

In 2013 he publicly took on a paparazzi photographer he accused of harassing his wife.