Mike Puru shares 'gross' McDonald's holiday horror story

  • 07/01/2019

Mike Puru treated listeners to a wince-inducing account of his McDonald's holiday horror story during his Monday morning slot on RadioLIVE's summer breakfast show.

The broadcaster said he had shed four kilograms in the past four days after a disastrous McChicken experience resulted in a bout of food poisoning.

"Something very terrible happened to me on New Year's Day," he told listeners.

Puru said a friend offered him her unwanted burger on January 1 after he complained of a failed attempt to get his own McDonald's that morning due to long wait times.

"Now I don't know if she ordered it at 2 o'clock in the morning, whether she left it on the bench, I'm not too sure," he said. 

After stashing the burger in his backpack, The Café host went and did some work on "a very hot day" before later revisiting the offending snack.

"I got home and thought 'ooh, yay, chicken burger', heated it up again, and ate it."

"Well later that night, jeez, I tell ya, I paid the price for that chicken burger. Both ends," he said.

"I know, gross isn't it."

Puru said he has yet to recover from the incident. Along with his sudden weight loss, he remains nauseous and uncertain about his chicken-eating future. 

"I had some chicken yesterday, just before I came on the telly to do the weather - I thought I was going to die!" he revealed.

The radio host pleaded for listeners to call in with their stories of recovery after a run-in with food poisoning, in a bid to assure himself he would one day be able to return to his normal diet.

"I actually quite like chicken, and I'll be devastated if I can never eat it again."