60,000 sign petition to have MAFS AU expert sacked for 'sexism' after scolding husband's c-bomb

A petition has been launched to have Married At First Sight Australia expert Mel Schilling sacked from the show, after she called out contestant Bronson Norrish for calling his wife a "c**t".

The former male stripper appeared to snap after a week full of insults from 'wife' Ines Basic, starting the moment she saw him at the altar and asked him to "get rid of" his eyebrow piercing.

Basic also said she was getting "inbred vibes" from her new husband and called his past profession "disgusting". During their honeymoon, she screamed for Norrish to "shut the f**k up", and previously had labeled him a "dick".

"The Hulk came out," he told the experts about a previous confrontation during the first commitment ceremony.

"Straight back to a c**t. I'm not calling her a c**t, I'm saying she acts like a c**t."

Schilling responded with a fiery warning to Norrish: "A tip from me to you? Don't use language like that if you want any chance of a relationship with a woman."

Now, a Change.org petition is says Schilling is "biased", claiming her reprimanding Norrish and ignoring Basic's behavior was sexist.

"Married at first sight so called expert "Mel Schilling" lashes out at Bronson for using foul language," the petition reads.

"This so called psychologist is a biased expert who has displayed sexism and has made it clear that she thinks its okay for a woman to behave the way Ines does.

"Bronson has been a victim of her verbal and emotional abuse all week, and the second he decides it's enough "expert" Mel comes in and says he shouldn't be using that language.

"The thing is, Ines is exactly what he said, a nasty, abusive piece of work."

At the time of writing, over 64,000 people have signed the petition, which demands a formal apology from Schilling or for her to be fired from the show. 

Schilling has since doubled-down on her comments, insisting she would "absolutely" call out Norrish again if given the chance.

"If you looked around the room and saw all the brides and grooms, their reaction was the same," Schilling said on an episode of Talking Married

"That language is inappropriate in any setting towards any person. I'm going to call that out, whether it's a man or woman."

Married At First Sight Australia is currently airing on Sundays at 7pm and Monday -Wednesday at 7.30pm on Three. Previous episodes can be viewed online on ThreeNow.