'I just knew it was going to be a girl': Anika Moa reveals baby's gender

Kiwi music icon Anika Moa has revealed she will be having a baby girl with partner Natasha Utting.

The pair announced they were expecting in August last year, but have now revealed the gender along with details of their bumpy ride to pregnancy in an interview with Woman's Day.

"When I conceived, I just knew it was going to be a girl," she said.

"I made this baby in my body and the fact that it's a girl is lovely."

Posting a photo of their cover shoot to Instagram, Moa commented on how lucky the couple were to be adding a new member to their family.

"Oh, and we're having a baby GIRL! That's right, a little Pipi Aroha (we're not calling her that fyi)," she captioned the post.

"We managed to strike it lucky amongst all the boy germs to get our wish of a lil beautiful part Māori part English part ginger kotiro.

"Beyond happy and grateful to our donor (you know who you are, or do you?) And my blessed eggs and amazing body for making this happen."

Speaking to Woman's Day, the 'Dreams In My Head' singer explained it had not been easy to fall pregnant for the first time.

 "I tried with my first donor for about a year and a half and nothing happened. I just couldn't get pregnant so, finally, I decided to try another way.

"Natasha suggested using her donor, who is Soren's father and we both thought that would be so nice that the two kids had the same father,"

"She texted him saying, 'can we have your baby again?' and he came back saying 'Yay!'

"He was really keen and there was no waiting around. He got me pregnant first pop with a $10 syringe. He was like the Uber Eats of sperm donors!"

The 38-year-old is already a mother of three, to Soren, her first child with partner Utting, and twins Barry and Taane, from her previous marriage.