John Oliver wishes he could have covered rowdy tourists story

John Oliver wishes he could have covered rowdy tourists story
Photo credit: Last Week Tonight/HBO

John Oliver admitted to a group of journalists the one story he regretted not being able to cover on his show was the unruly tourist who plagued New Zealand last month.

The Last Week Tonight host held a breakfast meeting with media on Monday morning US time and said it was the one story that caught his attention.

The sixth series of the popular satirical show begins this month on HBO and the show has been on a four month break.

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He was asked during the breakfast which story had caught his attention.   

 "The really honest answer to that is, there was a story about a British family terrorizing New Zealand, did you hear about that?" Indie Wire reported.

"There was a British family of tourists terrorizing New Zealand, and [executive producer] Tim Carvell and I were emailing back and forth, going, ‘actually, I wish we were back at work.'

"But all the other stuff that wasn’t that? No, we were more than happy [to skip it]. We had a couple of weeks off over the holidays, but otherwise, we’ve been working the whole time, researching stories, so there’s been nothing in particular that really felt painful that we weren’t on TV for, other than the barbaric British family in New Zealand."

Oliver has been a fan of Kiwi stories in the past, getting stuck in to the Steven Joyce’s infamous dildo in the face saga and National’s legal fight with Eminem over his Lose Yourself song.

He also reacted to Bill English calling him "not funny" and got stuck in to the flag debate.