Lloyd Burr: Hey John Oliver, leave New Zealand alone

OPINION: Is anyone else sick of being shouted at by bigmouth British bore John Oliver?

Anyone sick of New Zealand being the butt of his jokes and the go-to country for material on a slow-joke week?

If you don't know who John Oliver is (lucky you), he's an angry bespectacled comedian who has a show called Last Week Tonight on US telly where he sits at a desk for an hour and yells at his audience from an autocue full of banter and jokes pre-written for him by a team of producers.

Recently, he's taken to sourcing his material from New Zealand for some "comedy" fodder, with the sole purpose of taking the piss out of us.

There's been Steven Joyce's Waitangi dildo-to-the-face ordeal, and National being sued for allegedly ripping off Eminem's Lose Yourself (he mocks our accent, but that's rich coming from a man with a bark like an agitated British Terrier).

His latest Kiwi hit-job aired last night and is a desperate attempt to be funny by ripping material from Prime Minister Bill English's Facebook page.

In between Mr Oliver yelling at us like he's some Dad's Army general, there are clips of Bill English wearing a virtual reality headset, going for a run-walk (that was so two weeks ago), and posing with his spaghetti-pineapple pizza (that was so last month).

Then there's more of Mr Oliver yelling that Bill English is a bad father for serving the pizza to his kids, beforethe yelling turns into a gasping-for-breath crescendo of Lose Yourself lyrics about choosing to eat Eminem's spew over a spaghetti pizza, and finally a bizarre montage of crass pizza toppings including condoms.

Yawn. It was clutching-at-straws comedy.

Leave us alone Mr Oliver, we've had more than our fair share of British people yelling at us over the last 200 years.

Lloyd Burr is a Newshub political reporter.