Married At First Sight Australia fans repulsed by Ines and Sam's 'gross' chickenpox kiss

Married At First Sight Australia fans have taken to Twitter in disgust after Ines Basic kissed Sam Ball on his chickenpox-riddled forehead during a secret rendezvous.

In Wednesday night's episode, the pair snuck off from a dinner party together, despite Sam's chickepox diagnosis and the fact they're both married to other people.

After using their pre-arranged code word "cupcake" as a signal to excuse themselves from the group, the two got up close and personal, ignoring Sam's contagious diagnosis.

"I'm crook as, and she's getting closer than ever," Sam told the producers of Ines.

"Those eyes, too; she locks on you, they're like heat-seeking missiles."

After an extended period of intense eye contact and thigh touching, Ines suggested the two "get physical together".

"Do you have like, chickenpox on your chest and stuff?" she asked.

"Show me."

Unfazed by the risk of contracting the viral infection, which causes a painful and itchy rash of blisters, Ines told Sam they could be "sick together".

"Oh, bedridden. That would be dangerous, wouldn't it?" Sam replied.

"It would be nice," Ines countered.

With the idea of taking their intimacy to the next level temporarily on hold, Ines opted to plant a kiss directly on one of Sam's many 'pox'.

"Aw, that was cute," he said.

"That was really cute. You just kissed it better. You make me melt inside."

Many Married At First Sight viewers didn't agree, however, sharing their discomfort on social media.

"Who the hell kisses someone's chickenpox, gross!" one Twitter user wrote.

"Who's more desperate: 1. Sam coming to the dinner party with chickenpox to prolong his chance at fame. 2. Ines wanting to taste the cupcake even though it has chickenpox," asked another.

Some fans were concerned at the lack of awareness around the potential health risks of a chickenpox peck.

"Chickenpox is a quarantined disease. It can cause sterility in adults among other things. These people are dumb. This bitch kissed his pox," one tweet read.

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