Watch: The Chase's Shaun Wallace tested by 90 second Kiwi quiz

Shaun Wallace of UK game show The Chase has had his knowledge of New Zealand trivia put to the test on Magic Talk.

Host Peter Williams asked his guest about the current All Blacks captain, the former Prime Minister and multiple questions about New Zealand music.

Wallace, known on the show as the 'Dark Destroyer', followed his co-star Anne 'The Governess' Hegerty, who faced a similar 90-second Kiwi quiz in 2018.

He needed to get eight of the 15 questions correct to beat Hegerty - but instead tied with her for a total of seven.

Wallace also told Williams about his career beyond the TV shows, including legal credentials as a criminal defence advocate.   

"I always wanted to be remembered as a lawyer who happened to be on The Chase, not the other way around," he told Magic Talk.

Wallace's autobiography Chasing the Dream will be available shortly in New Zealand.

Williams' full 25-minute interview with Wallace can be viewed on Magic Talk's website.