The Rock's Bryce Casey slams Kiwi men who sexually assault women at concerts

Bryce Casey and The Rock radio station's Morning Rumble team have a message for music-loving men in the wake of several sexual assault accusations from recent concerts: "Don't be d**ks".

After hearing claims of harassment and abuse from female attendees of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Alice In Chains gigs over the past week, Casey felt compelled to deliver a warning to listeners. 

"When you're going to these gigs, don't be dicks," he said.

Casey referenced an incident that occurred at Alice in Chains' Auckland show on Thursday night, in which a woman alleged she was sexually assaulted multiple times while trapped in the crowd.

"A girl went into the mosh, in a skirt, and someone's put his hand up the skirt," Casey said.

"The worst part is, all of the comments afterwards that I've seen on Facebook are all like, 'mate, what is she expecting when she's going into a mosh pit?'

"I'll tell you what, d**khead, she's not expecting that someone puts their hand up her skirt," he added.

"There's a difference between bumping into people when you're in a mosh - because it's a confined space - and really sexually assaulting someone."

Co-host Andrew Mulligan called the actions "hideous behavior".

Roger Farelly then explained how a couple had their night at the Red Hot Chili Peppers' show ruined by a "bunch of absolute d**kheads," one of whom vomited over someone while another attempted to strangle a woman with their t-shirt.

"They had been looking forward to seeing them for years, [paid] $200 a ticket, then their whole night was ruined," Farelly said.

"If you did it anywhere else, you'd be either fired or in court."

Ahead of the radio station's Rock the Park concert this weekend, Casey urged attendees to call out anyone they saw behaving inappropriately.