Avengers: Endgame reviews claim it delivers on the hype - mostly

The global embargo for Avengers: Endgame reviews has lifted and the critical consensus is one of universal acclaim - almost.

Although there are some negative reactions, most are wildly positive, declaring Marvel's three-hour film "a victory lap" of "unconquerable brilliance".

Endgame follows on from Infinity War and is somewhat of a conclusion to the 21 Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films that have come before it, making it one of the most highly anticipated films ever released.

It currently has a 98 rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, and a 79 score on Metacritic - suggesting that for most viewers, it delivers on the hype.

Helen O'Hara awards 5 stars in her Empire review, calling it: "a victory lap that moonwalks through the best part of the MCU back catalogue and emphasises emotion as much as action, this is an intensely satisfying piece of blockbuster filmmaking."

The Guardian's Peter Bradshaw also dished out 5 stars, saying "unconquerable brilliance takes Marvel to new heights", adding:

In all its surreal grandiosity, in all its delirious absurdity, there is a huge sugar rush of excitement to this mighty finale, finally interchanging with euphoric emotion and allowing us to say poignant farewells.

The most negative review of note so far is Barry Hertz's, published in Canada's The Globe and Mail.

"The entire endeavour loses any sense of emotional stakes or general meaning beyond the deliverance of crass fan-service and incomprehensible visuals," writes Hertz.

"Even if I could muster the strength to defy studio marching orders on plot details, there is no point. There is little in Endgame that is worth spoiling, given how its core is spoiled rotten to begin with."

Reviews that are positive but not entirely glowing form the bulk of those published so far, from the likes of Total Film, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, IGN, the Chicago-Sun-Times, Vanity Fair, The Telegraph, the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times.

"Avengers: Endgame is, without a doubt, the most confusing and convoluted of any of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, yet it's also unbelievably satisfying - and, yes, does act as an endpoint for many major character arcs," writes Mike Ryan for Uproxx.

Avengers: Endgame opened in New Zealand cinemas on Wednesday.