Opinion: MAFS experts need to stop blaming Heidi for her marriage breakdown

OPINION: The blame for Heidi Latcham and Mike Grunner's floundering Married at First Sight relationship keeps landing on poor Heidi and it's making me mad.

Let's lay out the facts. Heidi tried to open up to Mike on their honeymoon in the Whitsundays, telling him details of her difficult upbringing. Mike dismissed her, telling her he's not her therapist.

Way back, during a dinner party, Mike and Heidi agreed to confront Jessika together but Mike spoke to Jess alone, away from Heidi.

Understandably Heidi was upset by this and called Mike out, but he insisted he hadn't done anything wrong and accused her of being unreasonable.

During a commitment ceremony, Heidi told the experts she thought Mike was inconsiderate because he kept using all the towels in the apartment and she didn't have a clean towel when she showered.

The experts told Heidi she was unreasonable and that she needs to open up more and accept love.

Hello - why weren't the right questions asked by the experts? Why does Mike need all those towels? He doesn't even have hair to towel dry. Heidi and her glorious head of hair need fresh, clean towels and she's not being unreasonable to request this.

But perhaps the most blatant act of inconsideration and, quite frankly, worthy of divorce in my book, is the dinner debacle revealed during last Monday's episode.

Mike went out to get takeaways for dinner. The place Heidi wanted food from was shut, so Mike just brought his food home. He didn't call his hungry wife, he didn't bring her an alternative meal, he just brought food for himself and nothing for her.


Look, at this point Heidi should've walked out of the experiment. But she stayed and the experts brushed past Mike's complete disregard for his wife, convincing Heidi she was, again, too focused on details.

I doubt these two will last, but I hope the constant knocks to Heidi's self-esteem don't impact her future relationships too much.

I hope she doesn't take the experts' advice that seems to be that being with someone so inconsiderate is better than being alone.

At least when she's single Heidi can use as many towels as she likes and can buy whatever she likes for dinner, whenever she likes.

Rhonwyn Newson is Newshub's features editor.