Winter is Coming: Beloved Game of Thrones cast reunites at final season premiere

Grab your woollies and your remote as 'Winter is Coming' - regardless of which hemisphere you live in.

It's hard to imagine, I know, but we all once lived in a world without Game Of Thrones.

The big budget HBO show burst onto our screens in 2011 quickly gaining a bloody reputation for killing off its main characters with a blissful and brutal disregard for our feelings. 

By crikey - didn't we love them for it - and in the years since its debut, it has become the most watched and illegally pirated TV show - and the most expensive ever made.

The hype for this final season is global and the cast has gathered in New York for a red carpet reunion with many of the beloved characters rising from their fictional graves and all feeling blessed to have been a part of it.

"I wasn't expecting to make it to the end so I am deeply grateful to it all," Jerome Flynn told Newshub.

The actors are only human and just as curious each season about their own survival prospects.

"I would also read the script from beginning to end but I would always check to see if I died first," Gwendoline Christie said.

Spoiler alert - Jason Momoa didn't survive season one, but knows Khal Drogo launched his Aquaman career.

"All of it's an honour, it's the greatest show on earth. Nine years ago I didn't think I would be here right now. It's beautiful to see my friends off and wish them luck," he explained.

Liam Cunningham, who plays Davos, is just as proud of what they've achieved.

"In my long career of acting these are some of the best words I have had to say in my life and one of the most magnificent characters I've ever had to play."

Sansa Stark knows what it takes to survive and what it takes to make it through an emotional red carpet premiere with your make-up still looking pristine.

"I've got my waterproof mascara on tonight. I know there will be a lot of crying," actress Sophie Turner said.

The first episode of this eighth and final season is due to air here 1pm Monday April 15.