Review: Long Shot could be rom-com of the year

A romantic comedy with Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron in the lead roles sounds like a joke already - but as it turns out it could be the rom-com of the year.

Long Shot has just hit Kiwi cinemas. I would 100 percent forgive you if, after watching the trailer for this, you automatically switch to the default notion of how you think a Seth Rogen comedy might play out from here on in.

But while the story arc doesn't necessarily defy the conventions of the rom-com, Long Shot is actually romantic and genuinely a comedy.

The movie stars Oscar-winner Charlize Theron and prolific funny guy Seth Rogen.

She's accomplished politician Charlotte Field, who is plotting a run for the presidency, and he's unemployable journalist Fred Flarskey, who's losing all faith in the system, especially the political one.

Their meet-cute at a party isn't the first time they've met. It turns out teen Charlotte used to babysit Fred when he was a love-sick kid. They say timing is everything and indeed that's exactly that comes to pass here. Field needs a script-writer and Flarskey needs a job.

The empowering gender-reversal of a woman in power and a man unafraid to try and love her is not the only rich vein of comedy which is on point.

There is plenty embedded into this tight, whip-smart clever script when it comes to inclusion and tolerance and often within the context and boundaries of old friendships.

It's a refreshing and dare I say it potentially a timely prick to many an undiagnosed bias.

Throw in some healthy social and political messages around climate change, corruptibility, fake news and the integrity of news and there's plenty to chew on!

It's a rare moment when I sit in a dark cinema as the closing credits roll on a romantic-comedy thinking 'Holy Guacamole did I just enjoy myself?'"

So imagine doubling down on that to where I'm also thinking 'Holy GUACAMOLE am I actually struggling to find one single flaw in Long Shot?'"

These are strange times indeed.

Five stars.