Several Game of Thrones gaffes resurface after coffee cup

The accidental inclusion of a modern coffee cup in the latest episode of Game of Thrones got a lot of attention this week, but it's just the latest gaffe in a show that's suffered many of them.

Since premiering in 2011, HBO's hit fantasy show has broadcast rubber swords, a peasant in modern jeans, verbal flubs, electrical devices and inconsistent hairstyles, amongst other mistakes.

Spoiler alert: The following article discusses plot points from Game of Thrones up to and including this week's episode.

As some claimed the coffee cup in S08E04 'The Last of the Starks' was the show's first gaffe, some of its others have resurfaced and some of them are so crazy, they're hard to believe.

Here are 6 of the craziest Game of Thrones gaffes ever:

The mic pack of Stannis Baratheon - or is it a laptop cord?
Photo credit: HBO

The Mic Pack
In S05E10 'Mother's Mercy', Stannis Baratheon lies seriously wounded under a tree... with an electrical device visible under his leg that looks a lot like a mic pack. 

The Rubber Sword
In S06E09 'Battle of the Bastards', as Jon Snow mounts his horse, his sheathed sword flops around.

Where did that desert around King's Landing come from?
Photo credit: HBO

Climate Change at King's Landing?
As well as the coffee cup in S08E04 'The Last of the Starks', fans are confused by the ocean around King's Landing seemingly drying up and becoming a desert instead.

George W Bush fans weren't happy that his severed head appeared in Game of Thrones.
Photo credit: HBO

The Ex-President's Head
In S01E10 'Fire and Blood', a decapitated head on a spike greatly resembles George W Bush. Funnily enough, some people weren't happy about this and it was digitally removed for later home releases.

The Jeans
Way back in the pilot, S01E01 'Winter Is Coming', an extra walks by behind Jaime Lannister and appears to be wearing jeans, a Patagonia Jacket and modern boots. 

Melisandre, the Red Woman, has a necklace that sometimes obscures her real self, and sometimes doesn't.
Photo credit: HBO

The Necklace
One of the more egregious failures of Game of Thrones mythology is Melisandre's necklace. In S06E01 'The Red Woman', it's revealed she's actually a very old woman who only appears young by wearing her magical necklace. However, in S04E07 'Mockingbird', she was fully nude in a bath, sans necklace, and still appeared in her younger disguise body.

There are only two episodes of Game of Thrones left before the series concludes - but multiple spin-offs are planned.