Hilarious moment Skrillex accepts video chat request from Kiwi radio host

US producer and DJ Skrillex added one of 8.7 million followers to video chat on his Instagram live story Saturday night - and his random choice turned out to be a George FM night host.

The EDM hitmaker started a live video on the social media platform, catching the eye of night host Sin Howard, who was at home taking it easy. 

After trying to get his attention, Howard requested to be added to the live video.

"I was literally just having a night in for once, and [I saw] Skrillex pop up on live," she told Newshub.

"After hassling for a shoutout in the comment section I just decided to request to get in on the live action."

She was shocked when he accepted the request - and became ecstatic when he remembered who she was.

"You can tell by the shaky footage that I was beside myself," she says.

"I'm so grateful for my job, it's given me the opportunity to meet some pretty hefty names in the electronic music scene, and although I have met him before, deep down I'm still a Skrillex fan girl."

Howard interviewed Skrillex on George FM last year while he was in New Zealand for his Listen In performance - an interview that holds a special place in her heart.

"He surprised me in the studio and it was one of my first ever radio interviews - I had only just got the job as the nights host," she told Newshub.

Watch the full Instagram exchange unfold above.