Review: Men in Black: International feels way too familiar

Fans of the Men in Black franchise have another chapter in cinemas titled Men in Black: International.

Leading the charge, fresh from their Marvel outings, is Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson AKA Thor and Valkyrie.

So what's not to love about a familiar franchise reinvented with two of Hollywood's hottest stars?

Well as it turns out, not that much. But I've seen worse.

Chris Hemsworth plays a one dimensional version of Thor as Agent H, the party-playboy of the London Men in Black office.

Tessa Thompson is Molly, whose on a mission from girlhood to join the ranks and take this dated concept kicking and screaming into a gender-balanced 2019 as a woman in black.

Spoiler alert - she succeeds -  and so Agents M and H set about trying to save the world.

First step: They must try to save themselves and this movie from a tired old been-there-done-that script. While by and large that's a mission impossible, they do what they can.

There's the usual nicely rendered alien bits and bobs this universe is known for and that's all quite fun and reassuringly family-friendly.

While I suspect I damn this with faint praise, I went in expecting to dislike this film quite vigorously and I did not.

It's reason for existing remains deeply questionable, but the chemistry of our extremely watchable leads kept me afloat.

Three stars.