Royal 'feud' rumours heat up on Prince William's birthday

Just a day after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle split away from their joint charity with Prince William and Kate, an Instagram post is at the centre of more speculation of a feud between the couples.

Prince William, second in line for the crown, celebrated his 37th birthday on Friday, with the Kensington Royal Instagram account thanking fans for their "lovely wishes" on the Duke of Cambridge's birthday.

However, fans have expressed anger at a comment from Prince Harry and Meghan's Sussex Royal account which said: "Happy Birthday to The Duke of Cambridge!".

While it's unknown who penned the comment, some have called it cold and impersonal, considering, as of 3pm, Harry and Meghan hadn't posted anything on their account.

"Such a cold birthday wish. That's confirmation right there that something unsettling is going on between Meghan and Kate. The brothers and Kate were fine until Meghan. Very sad, indeed," said one comment mentioned by Express.

"Wow such an effort. Not!"

Others on Twitter had a similar reaction.

"Yikes! That is cold… You mean they didn't even post on their Instagram any birthday greetings to William?"

Making matters worse, both Clarence House and the official Royal Family Instagram pages made posts about William's birthday.

"Is it hard to post Prince Williams pict in your IG account...wishing him happy birthday properly? If the Queen do that, why you're not (sic)," said one user.

Since setting up their own Instagram account in April, Prince Harry and Meghan have uploaded posts wishing the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh happy birthdays. They did, however, only make comments on the birthdays of Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte.

It comes a day Harry and Meghan split from their joint charity with William and Kate, which royal commentator Duncan Larcombe labelled "odd".

"Why separate when you are both backing the same causes? Whether this is a sign of a rift, this is certainly a sign of division."

It was labelled a "feud" by some British media outlets but other royal fans defended the couples.

"Seriously look at the other royals like Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward those people are not joined at the hip all the time or called the 'Fab 5' because they are doing their own thing," said one Twitter user.

"I don’t recall anybody saying those people were in a 'feud'."