#MeToo movement decreased Game of Thrones nudity, says star

Actor Carice van Houten says the #MeToo movement decreased the amount of nude scenes in Game of Thrones.
Carice van Houten in Game of Thrones Photo credit: HBO

The amount of naked bodies in Game of Thrones decreased as the series neared its end partially because of the #MeToo movement, star Carice van Houten has said.

She played Melisandre, aka the Red Woman, in the show and is one of its many actors who bared all in its earlier seasons.

Van Houten, who was born in the Netherlands, says the Dutch are more open-minded about nudity, but nonetheless she's grown more uncomfortable with appearing naked on screen.

"It wasn't my favourite thing in the world at all," she told Deadline about her nude scenes.

"It was before I had a child. I would be more uncomfortable now. The times have changed in many ways.

"Back then, it was all a little overwhelming. No one forced me into anything, but in hindsight I might have been a little more cautious with it."

When the interviewer asked directly if the decreasing nudity in Game of Thrones was a reaction to the #MeToo movement, Van Houten replied: "Yes. It also showed that you don't need it."

Elsewhere in the interview, Van Houten reflected on perhaps her most shocking Game of Thrones scene, which saw her burn a child to death at the stake.

"Of course it's fiction, but that was raw and gruesome. I remember first reading it and thinking 'are we actually going to do this scene?'" she said.

"I wasn't a mother back then. I think I would have found it more troubling now."

Although the HBO series has now finished, a number of spin-off series are now in the works. Fans also have the final two books in the Song of Ice and Fire series the TV show is based on yet to be released.


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