Piers Morgan lashes out at Meghan Markle after alleged request for no photos at Wimbledon

British television host Piers Morgan has lashed out at Meghan Markle after fans were allegedly asked not to take photos of her at Wimbledon last week.

Markle made a surprise appearance at the British tennis competition to support her friend Serena Williams.

However, while official photographers and television cameras were able to capture images and video of the high-profile attendees, it's been reported that others watching the game were asked not to.

In a column for the The Telegraph, media consultant Sally Jones claimed that she was asked by a member of Markle's royal protection squad not to take photos of her, despite saying she had her camera fixed on Williams.

"I was happily snapping shots of the superstar American powering down huge serves when I felt a tap on my shoulder," wrote Jones.

"'Would you not take photographs of the Duchess,' a voice ordered politely. 'She's here in a private capacity.'"

Images have also shown another man being approached by Markle's team, despite him clearly trying to tackle a selfie that didn't feature Markle. 

While Kensington Palace hasn't commented on if Markle had requested no photos be taken of her, Morgan has now weighed in, lambasting any suggestion she was entitled to privacy. 

"You're public people. All of you. In that moment, you are public people, stop your squealing about privacy, we don't want to hear it," he said on his Good Morning Britain show on Tuesday.

"If you want to be private, go back to America and live privately."

Unnamed sources have told The Daily Mail that Markle wanted to engage with people rather than camera phones.