Spider-Man: Far From Home review

With Marvel's Avengers: Endgame poised to become the biggest grossing film of all time, there's no stopping the superhero flow, and Spider-Man: Far From Home is swinging into cinemas this weekend.

This is my first Spider-Man since Spiderverse - the film that changed my Spidey senses forever - the transition was always going to be challenging. But I can happily report that live-action Spidey still entertains.

Tom Holland returns after Homecoming and more importantly - spoiler alert - surviving Avengers: Endgame.

His heart is battered and bruised after - spoiler alert - losing his mentor friend and father figure, Iron Man.

But he's embracing high school and embarking with his mates on a science trip to Europe; But, of course, he's Spider-man and, of course, the world needs saving. Again.

Jake Gyllenhaal enters the Marvel fray as Mysterio, complete with some pretty old school smoke and mirrors CGI, who comes to the aid of Nick Fury to help fight off alien evil. Fury in turn pressures Peter Parker to abandon his friends and do the same. 

So, will Peter be forced to chose work over his first love?

Holland is having way more fun than his predecessors and I'm a big fan. He totally delivers to his biggest fan-base  - the younger Marvel ones - with Far from Home and while it didn't all come together as a home run for me - this is still a worthy addition to the Spidey family.

Three and a half stars.