Stan Walker moves Ihumātao protesters to tears with stirring performance

Kiwi singer Stan Walker sang for the protesters at Ihumātao on Thursday night in an emotionally charged performance with a message. 

"Through this whole thing, whanau, don't lose your joy. Don't lose hope," Walker told the crowd during his set. 

The 'Take It Easy' hitmaker performed for around 20 minutes to hundreds of people occupying the Māori land at the centre of a tense dispute over housing developments. 

"Act out of joy, act out of grace, act out of hope - 'cos we're going to win like that," said. 

"We're going to win, whanau." 

Walker's set included a rendition of the national anthem, and Crowded House's 'Don't Dream It's Over' in both english and Te Reo Māori. 

"I want you to listen to the lyrics of this song. They think they're going to win, but they're never going to," he said of the chorus of the classic Kiwi tune. 

Standing in solidarity with the protestors looking to prevent Fletcher Building from going ahead with a 480-house subdivision on the sacred land, Walker added: "This is our home, and we will fight for it". 

"I honour you fullas tonight. What an honour and privilege to stand by you. We will keep fighting. 

"Don't let the fire burn out whanau, keep going. Kia kaha," he finished. 

Attendees live-streamed the performance on social media, where both those at home and and at the event commented they were moved to tears.