Married At First Sight NZ bride Anna Saxton reveals story of leaked sex tape

Married At First Sight NZ bride Anna Saxton has spoken out about a former partner that she claims leaked a private sex tape of her online. 

The singer/songwriter told The Edge's Jono, Ben and Sharyn she wanted to address the video before appearing on the upcoming reality show. 

"I was seeing somebody in Los Angeles, someone that I had been friends with for quite a few years before," she explained. 

"When I went over there last time, we videoed ourselves having sex." 

Saxton said the couple had made the video to "spice things up" as they were seeing each other long distance. She admitted she had never seen the footage herself - it was intended for her partner's eyes only.

"He's a music producer, he knows a lot of people - and he shared it around," she said. 

"I trusted this guy a lot, I really liked him. He completely betrayed my trust." 

The 25-year-old said her partner had sent the video out immediately after they had recorded it, while she was still in bed with him. 

"I saw it on his phone. He was sleeping and his phone was going nuts," she said. 

Saxton said she's since cut all contact with her ex and has spoken to a lawyer. She explained she wanted to make sure she didn't have any "skeletons in her closet" before going on national TV. 

"Tuning into the show, people are going to see it all unfold. How I tell my family, how they react, and how I tell my husband."

Saxton's wedding can be viewed in the upcoming season of Married At First Sight NZ, which premieres at 8.30pm, Sunday, Septemeber 8 on Three.