Meet the rescue dog cast in Disney's Lady and the Tramp reboot

Meet the rescue dog cast in Disney's Lady and the Tramp reboot
Photo credit: Disney

Animal talent scouts for Disney have plucked a shaggy pup from the pound and sky-rocketed him to fame by casting him in the Lady and the Tramp reboot. 

Monte the two-year-old terrier mix was adopted from Halo Animal Rescue in Arizona after producers decided he'd make the perfect real-life version of the loveable Tramp.

"We have a celebrity dog in our midst!" Halo Animal posted on their Facebook page following Disney's announcement earlier this month.  

"His adopters say he's been such a good boy and loving life. We are all so happy for him and can't wait to check out the movie when it comes out!" 

According to local station CBS 5, shelter staffers said Monte was "super friendly, loved to greet people and give kisses, and loved attention". 

Monte's co-star and on-screen love interest is a cocker spaniel named Rose, who will play lady. 

The Tramp will be voiced by Justin Theroux, while Tessa Thompson will lend her voice to Lady.

CBS 5 reports Disney confirmed all dogs featured in the film went on to find forever homes after filming wrapped. 


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