Ash Grunwald: No signs of slowing soon after Mojo release, his ninth album

Australian blues maestro Ash Grunwald didn't expect his latest music would see the light of day.

Five years on from recording most of it, he's just released Mojo - his ninth studio album - and will embark on a tour across the North Island in the coming months.

"I'm just really, really loving, loving, loving every moment of playing like I've never loved before," he told Newshub.

The recording process wasn't so lovely though. Most of the music he made in the US with a local producer went AWOL. 

"I got back to Oz and kept talking, and then the guy just went off the radar for some reason and it just went missing."

Mojo was luckily brought back to life when Grunwald's new manager tracked down the lost tunes.

Featuring guest appearances by The Teskey Brothers and Mahalia Barnes among others, the Byron Bay musician says it's an ode to the more traditional sound.

"I guess it's me being a big grown-up blues guy, I guess."

When he's not wearing his "blues guy" hat, he's finding other ways to keep busy.

The 43-year-old has a new book called Surf by Day, Jam by Night. He's also got a podcast and runs Earth Bottle, a sustainable bottle company with his wife.

He's not planning on putting his feet up anytime soon. He says creating is what he loves to do.

"It's really, really pleasurable. Especially for people who feel like they're stuck in a bit of a rut."

Grunwald's hitting the road here in November and is promising a night Kiwi blues fans won't forget.


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