Backstreet Boys recount story of Waiheke moped crash

The Backstreet Boys will be back in New Zealand in May, but at least one of them is hoping there won't be a repeat of what happened the last time they were here.

Speaking to The Project, Howie Dorough and Brian Littrell recounted a story about what happens when mopeds and wine tasting mix.

"The first time we went there, a few of us went across to a little island - I think it was called Waiheke," Dorough told The Project.

"I'll never forget because it was the coolest thing. I'm really into sauvignon blanc and it was this wine-tasting tour on mopeds."

But all didn't go exactly as planned, Dorough revealed.

"I crashed the moped just a little bit once. So I learned that wine tasting and mopeds don't go exactly together  - but it was a fun time."

The Backstreet Boys play Spark Arena on May 16 next year.

Watch the video.

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