Downton Abbey: Rich and luscious production deserving of big-screen treatment

Fans of Downton Abbey have been polishing the silver and yelling at the servants in preparation for the release of Downton Abbey - the movie.

All your favourite residents agree that it was time for a movie version of their hit TV show, and here it is for your big screen viewing pleasure at a movie establishment near you.

The premise is a simple one. There will be a royal visit to Downton and everybody from Lord Grantham to the local butcher is in quite the tizz. 

There is much to prepare, plenty of upstairs and downstairs drama to mine, with the very future of Downton unpinning all the royal shenanigans. 

The class acts who inhabit the abbey and the general environs have always brought such a sense of style to these stories and here my favourites the Dowager Countess of Grantham Dame Maggie Smith and the Baroness Merton continue to spar quite delightfully.

For those who prefer their Downton drama to eek out over a season you may find this plot unfolds a little too hastily and cleanly to bring you the full nourishment you need, so beware.

The fact is all you avid Downton fans, we know you've bought your tickets already and honestly, you're unlikely to be disappointed. 

While this is quite naturally just an elongated cinematic episode of your favourite show, it really is the kind of rich and luscious production which deserves the big-screen treatment. 

3.5 stars.


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