Guy Williams meets gangster pushing healthy eating

Guy Williams says he was nervous when he met one of the members of the Heils Kitchen Facebook page, a gang-affiliated group that pushes healthy eating.

Coey "The Rogue", who has two large swastika tattoos on his face, appeared on the latest episode of Three's new show New Zealand Today to give Williams an idea of what the page is about.

Williams admitted on the show he was worried about meeting Coey, who spent time in prison for assault. 

"I've got to be honest I'm a little bit nervous about doing this interview," he told Coey at their first meeting.

But despite some tense moments the pair ended up getting along quite well, and Coey was able to open up to Williams about why he's interested in keeping healthy.

"Fry your food not yourself, because I was that guy that fried himself once upon a time and lost everything, so yeah, I'm a changed man now."

It's not the first time "Heils Kitchen" has made the news, a noodle eating competition conducted on the page made headlines in 2018 after allegations of cheating.

A pair of page members sat down to see who could eat thirteen packets of noodles the fastest, but one member accused the other of tipping out the noodles.

At the time there were reports a rematch may take place.

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