Review: Brad Pitt's Ad Astra is tense and emotional but in a cool way

Brad Pitt is having a cracking year, now following on from his Tarantino outing with a brand new space-based film called Ad Astra.

Brad Pitt in space. Brad Astra is here.

It feels like this film has been a long time coming and I am very happy to report it's been worth the wait.  

Set in the nearish future where space travel is de rigueur and humankind is just as happy to war with each other for resources on the Moon as well as on earth, Pitt is Roy, one of the best military astronauts in the business.

When he gets tapped for a top, top-secret mission, it will be personal. His father (Tommy Lee Jones) - also a spaceman - is believed to be alive off-planet Neptune and up to no good.  Roy must find him.

There's a strand of Apocalypse Now weaving its way through the DNA and a tautness and genuine intrigue to the storyline with plenty to sink your cerebral and emotional teeth into - much more than I'd imagined.

True confessions - I am very partial to space movies and this one is very good.  Tense, emotional, sterile but in a cool way and anchored by an incredibly nuanced performance from Brad.

Four very worthy stars.


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