Coldplay releases lyrics to new album Everyday Life in Otago Daily Times

Coldplay has chosen a regional New Zealand newspaper to reveal the lyrics to its latest album, Everyday Life.

The band's eighth album is being released later this week and the lyrics to 15 of its songs were revealed in a series of mysterious ads in the Otago Daily Times.

A tweet from Coldplay's official Twitter account reads: "For those of you in the Dunedin area of New Zealand, you can find the lyrics to all of the songs from Everyday Life (out Friday) in Tuesday's edition of the Otago Daily Times. There's an excellent article on Buenos Aires' nightlife next to the 'Èkó' lyrics on p17."

The message is signed off with 'PH', meaning Coldplay manager Phil Harvey.

The album's tracklist was unveiled in a similar way, with a tweet about a Welsh newspaper article in October. That one was signed off with 'JB' - guitarist Jonny Buckland.

Another publicity trick Coldplay pulled ahead of the release of Everyday Life was announcing its existence to select fans with handwritten notes, as well as putting up vintage-looking posters in places like Madrid, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Munich and Berlin.

Coldplay's last full album, A Head Full of Dreams, was released in 2015.