Everyone thinks this giant baby Jesus statue looks like Phil Collins

What in the name of all that is holy is going on with this huge statue of the baby Jesus? 

According to the internet, the 6.7m, 900kg effigy commissioned by a church in Mexico more closely resembles Phil Collins, or - at a stretch - Nicolas Cage. 

The sculpture is in the running for a world record as the biggest baby Jesus statue ever, but online there's more interest in its Face Value (that's the name of Phil Collins' first album, you're welcome). 

Whether or not this is the Genesis of what will become a National Treasure (that's enough, I'm sorry), for now, the internet is thoroughly enjoying the celebrity comparisons. 

"I don't know if something's in the air tonight, but this Baby Jesus looks a lot like Phil Collins," one tweet read. 

"As making a giant half-adult-looking/half-baby-looking statue of a belly bottomless baby Jesus wasn't scary at all, they decided to give him a young Phil Collins' face... again, not scary or distracting at all for a church," said another. 

"Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger, singing 'Su-sussudio'," one Twitter user joked. 

In a poll set up by Twitter user Laura Martinez, 38 percent of respondents thought the statue looked most like Nicholas Cage, while only 28 percent chose Phil Collins. 

The remaining 34 percent voted for "Dunno, he freaks me out".