Prince Charles and Camilla: Royal couple greeted by small crowd at Auckland's Viaduct

A small crowd of dedicated fans gathered at Auckland's Viaduct Harbour on Tuesday to catch a glimpse of Prince Charles and Camilla.

An estimted 400-500 people turned up to greet the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall during their public walkabout of Auckland's waterfront, an excited buzz among the throngs of fans. A string of construction workers waited on the balconies of the nearby buildings to see the royal couple.

Despite days of wet weather, the rain held back for Prince Charles and Camilla's first public appearance since arriving for their eight-day royal tour on Sunday.

The duo walked to the Emirates Team New Zealand base on Tuesday afternoon, stopping to exchange pleasantries with fans who came to meet them.

A nearby yacht played Britain's national anthem to the crowd's appreciation, Prince Charles even breaking into a small smile.

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall also met members of Team New Zealand and held the America's Cup, before splitting off to quickly acknowledge the rest of the eager crowd.

Prince Charles and Camilla pose with members of the Emirates Team New Zealand America's Cup team.
Prince Charles and Camilla pose with members of the Emirates Team New Zealand America's Cup team. Photo credit: Getty

It was a stark contrast to the crowds who gathered at the Viaduct on October 30 last year to get a glimpse, or maybe a handshake, when Prince Harry and Meghan did their public walkabout in Auckland. Despite the overcast weather, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did their best to greet everyone they could who came out to see them.

Monarchy New Zealand chair Sean Palmer hopes the royal visit will put New Zealand on show.

"It's a great opportunity to shine the spotlight on New Zealand around the world," says Palmer.

"Wherever members of the Royal Family travel, they're followed by very intense media attention.

"This is a great opportunity for New Zealanders to meet the future King of New Zealand and for him to come to understand the issues that New Zealanders are concerned about."