'Too dark. Try again': Kim Kardashian blasted for 'disgusting blackface' photoshoot

Kim Kardashian has come under fire for a new photoshoot in which her darkened complexion has prompted claims of blackface online. 

The reality TV star shared images from her spread with 7Hollywood magazine, which was billed as "Elizabeth Taylor-themed". 

Many of Kardashian's Instagram followers didn't see the shoot that way, and were instead highly offended by Kardashian's enhanced tan.

"This is not the colour of your skin," one comment read. 

"This is getting to a very disgusting point, Kim. I'm sure you won't even care, primarily because you have intensely overlooked privileges, but this is way not OK. You are not black," said another. 

Other fans said the look for the magazine shoot made them "uncomfortable" and that Kardashian "knows this is wrong". 

‪"It will NEVER be OK for white women to try to look like black women! Ya want our rhythm but not our blues!" 

While the overwhelming majority of comments on the Instagram post were negative responses, some fans rushed to defned the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, citing her Armenian heritage. 

"Why do people forget that she is half Armenian! STOP with the blackface, haters! Armenians come in all shades. Kim is rockin' the '80s glam and she looks gorgeous," one fan wrote. 

"In summer I'm that brown too. Colour doesn't matter, everyone can look how they want. What about Michael Jackson? Was that white fishing!?" offered another. 

Kardashian has yet to publicly respond to the backlash.