Twins' identical voices drive new band Lexxa

Julia and Maude Morris are bandmates with a special bond.

Three years ago they decided to drop their solo pursuits in music and formed the band Lexxa.

While the twins differ in looks they do have one thing in common.

"Our voices are exactly the same," says Maude.

"Sometimes people who've known us our whole lives can't tell who's talking in their not looking at us," adds Julia.

The genetic double-up provides for flawless harmonies, but they concede family dynamics can sometimes prove difficult. 

"Siblings have challenges, and all bands have challenges so when you combine the two..." says Julia.

"It's a double challenge," laughs Maude. 

Lexxa. Photo credit: Newshub.

But one thing that isn't a challenge for the siblings is music. The twins say they have home movies of themselves singing along to 'California Dreamin'' despite not yet being able to talk. 

But it shouldn't come as a surprise - it's in their blood. Their dad was legendary New Zealand musician, Ian Morris of Th'Dudes and DD Smash. Ian passed away in 2010, and four weeks ago Lexxa joined Th'Dudes on stage at the New Zealand Music awards.

"It was a crazy" chime the sisters.

Th' Dudes members Dave Dobbyn, Peter Urlich, Peter Coleman and Bruce Hambling have known the Morris twins from the time they were born. 

"They just thought it was the right thing to do, to have us up there and to honour our dad," says Julia.

And now the duo has released their own EP, Toxic Love. The pair play every instrument on the EP - guitars, bass, drums, vocals - and Maude produced it. 

The talented pair shrug it off as a normal process, saying that way they can get the sound they want straight away.

Toxic Love is available on Spotify and Apple Music, and you can follow Lexxa on Instagram and Facebook @wearelexxa.


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