'It was all my fault': MAFS NZ star Yuki announces she and Dan have split up

Married At First Sight NZ star Yuki Sato has announced she and husband Dan McLaughlan have broken up after celebrating their one year anniversary in October last year. 

Yuki and Dan were one of the the reality TV show's few successful pairings, with Yuki relocating to Wellington so the pair could live together. 

However, the fairytale ending was not meant to be, as Yuki explained to followers via her social media channels on Monday night. 

"Some people may have noticed that I haven't put up any photos on Instagram for a while," she captioned a selfie. 

"This is because my TV husband and I have decided to go our separate ways. What a journey!" 

Pointing fans to a YouTube video where she explained the situation in more detail, Yuki ominously added: "It was all my fault". 

"My TV husband left me a few months ago now," Yuki said in the video. 

The hair-dresser and business owner said one day she had come home to find Dan had packed his stuff and left for good, without prior discussion. 

"It was maybe the hardest thing I ever had to go through in my entire life. I had to move to a new city, which I don't really know much about, for a man who I just met on a reality TV show." 

Yuki went through a variety of reasons for the split, including fears she worked too much and didn't spend enough time with her husband, and the realisation she wanted to have kids sooner than he did. 

"I know I will have disappointed some people who watched the show, and I feel gutted about the whole outcome," Yuki said. 

"We gave it our best shot. I'm very sorry to disappoint you, and thank you for supporting us for a long time."

Yuki concluded her announcement by revealing plans to continue to share her experience with the break-up via YouTube channels, in a bid to help others going through a similar situation. 

She's since uploaded three more videos discussing the ways she worked through the dissolution of her marriage and offering tips to viewers on how to cope. 

Dan has not yet publicly commented on the split.