Kevin Field's part in the 'jazz renaissance'

Music is second nature to Kevin Field.

He's been playing the piano for most of his life, it is well and truly runs through his veins.

"I started off life as a classical pianist which was great, but being a classical pianist you mainly played on your own."

These days jazz is his focus. It's a genre that's seen him tour around the UK, United States, Australia and New Zealand.

In addition, Field has released several of his own albums and features in dozens of others.

"For me the reason I really pay jazz is I like the interaction of you know playing with other musicians," he told Newshub.

He's about to perform a concert at Auckland's Nathan Homestead - part of the council's Music in Parks series - and he's hopeful it might attract some new listeners.

"I'm probably more interested, I don't want to say converting, but maybe opening the ears of people who think they don't like jazz."

He admits it's a genre that does tend to be underground, but the style is changing, and it's bringing in a whole new crowd.

"Definitely that fusion of jazz and hip hop, jazz and classical - it's almost like a jazz renaissance."

Field says the history of jazz has been well-documented, but its course in the 21st century is still being charted and it's a prospect he's very much looking forward to.