Harry Styles joins Lizzo in surprise performance

Harry Styles and Lizzo.
Harry Styles and Lizzo. Photo credit: Getty

Try and name a better duo right now - Harry Styles joined Lizzo to perform "Juice" sending crowds crazy.  

The former One Direction member was as a complete surprise to the audience when he turned up on stage with Lizzo during her pre-Super Bowl concert on Thursday. 

Lizzo was always scheduled to perform in the Sirius XM and Pandora concert series which is two gigs back-to-back in Miami, pre-empting the Big Game. 

A video showed Lizzo pausing to make an announcement just before getting into her hit single. 

"Hold Up," begins Lizzo. 

"I need to bring somebody on... ladies and gentleman, Harry Styles!" 

This naturally sent fans wild - many taking to social media platforms to broadcast the epic performance. 

One fan said the collaboration was "the best thing that could have happened." 

Another came to the realisation that this was exactly what he needed in his life right now. 

According to Teen Vogue, this is not the first time Harry has shown support for Lizzo's music.

He covered "Juice" on BBC's Live Lounge and described Lizzo as "one of the most exciting artists working at the moment."