James Blunt reveals emotional story behind new album in The Project interview

James Blunt, renowned for his single 'You're Beautiful', appeared on The Project on Tuesday night and revealed the heart-wrenching story behind his song 'Monsters'.

The 45-year-old star released the album Once Upon a Mind late last year but has been attracting attention recently for an emotional music video with his dad, Colonel Charles Blount.

Blunt told The Project that the album had been quite the emotional roller coaster, but a very meaningful one.

"Some things have been going on at home, my father has not been very well, he has stage four chronic kidney disease," said Blunt.

He said it's been an amazing opportunity to write a song for him.

The lyrics say 'I'm not your son, your not my father, we're just two grown men saying goodbye. No need to forgive, no need to forget, I know your mistakes, and you know mine'.

"It's an incredibly emotional song and one that tells him he's much more than just a father - he's my friend and I love him dearly," Blunt said.

He admitted it was also a very emotional time for him with making the music video.

"I got to make this video with him, which for me, is fantastic because I've just got to capture him on film but there I was, on set, with a crew crying on set and me crying my eyes out and the only person not crying was my father saying 'hang on what are you all doing I'm still here!'," said Blunt.

James is a father of two young boys which he says inspired him with the lyrics -  "It's my turn to chase the monsters away".

"I was only able to write that as a lyric because I have my own little children, and understand what it is they're afraid of."

Watch James Blunt's Monsters music video below. 

Blunt is coming to perform in Auckland and Christchurch in November.