I dare you to get through James Blunt's new music video without crying

Say what you will about James Blunt, but the man knows how to bang out a ballad. 

You'll remember his previous heartstring-tuggers 'You're Beautiful' and 'Goodbye My Lover', which were big hits in the early 2000s, but eventually saw him ridiculed and meme-ified for his cringe-inducing levels of earnest, gooey lyrics. 

Now, he's back with an emotional haymaker of a music video that will be tough for even the most hardened skeptics to sneer at. 

Blunt's new single 'Monsters' is an ode to his dying father, a former cavalry officer who has Stage 4 chronic kidney disease. 

Colonel Charles Blount even features in the video, but not before we're hit with a visceral close up of his devastated son singing through tears. 

It's not dissimilar to the opening frames of Miley Cyrus' infamous 'Wrecking Ball' video, but with way less nudity and way less sledge-hammer licking (read: none). 

Watching a grown man grappling with saying goodbye to his dad is hard enough, but as the camera pulls out we see Blunt's father has been sitting by his side all along. 

Yep. Goodbye my tear ducts, goodbye my friends. 

Have you ever spent your Monday afternoon weeping quietly at your desk and pawing persistently at a box of tissues while your colleagues look on concerned? You should try it.

Go on, have a little watch and see if you have a heart, or merely just a sharp, pointy piece of flint where it should be.