Married At First Sight NZ's Yuki on what it was like to see ex Dan on a dating app

Married At First Sight NZ star Yuki Sato has revealed that she saw her ex 'TV husband' Dan McLaughlin on a dating app. 

Yuki has been sharing her break-up journey in a series of intimate YouTube videos that began with the bombshell revelation that the golden couple of MAFS NZ season two had called it quits. 

In her sixth video, Yuki explains that after Dan left her, she was sad for weeks, before becoming angry and questioning herself. 

"I was blaming myself, it was all my fault. It was because of me, maybe I deserved it," she said. 

Yuki said she was "angry at herself" and asked herself: "Why did I even think it was a good idea to enter the show?"

"But the self-blaming emotion didn't last that long, until I saw my ex on a dating app," she continued.  

"Everyone is on dating apps after they break up, and I can't talk, because I was already on it." 

Yuki, who claims she's making the videos in a bid to help others going through a separation, said one's first instinct is to get in touch with an ex when something unsettling happens. 

"I know you want to phone or send a text to your ex-partner... but it's very important to take a cool-down period," she said.

"Mentally and physically, not to contact him, not to even think about him - to just completely disappear from his life." 

Despite the emotional pain of the break-up, Yuki said she didn't blame Dan at all for how he left her. 

"I was working all the time, I wasn't really thinking about his feelings," she admitted. 

In a video published two days earlier, Yuki said she was "gutted" when she had a conversation with Dan in which he called her first break-up video "a stunt". 

Still, she's determined to continue producing her YouTube series, teasing a new installment that will talk more about the "cooling-down period" after a break-up.