Coronavirus: Britney Spears offers to 'lift people's frequency' with yoga during pandemic

  • 23/03/2020

Britney Spears is trying to lift the "frequency" of fans to "a higher ground" in order to make them "better people", she says.

She'll be doing so by showing off yoga poses.

The pop star is using her Instagram account to try and cheer people up during the COVID-19 pandemic, sharing multiple videos with uplifting messages.

"OK so with the corona disease going around which is absolutely horrendous and crazy and so scary for our nation right now, I think it's important personally for us to all try and stay with people that lift your frequency to a higher ground," Britney says in a recent post.

"And to stay sane and healthy and to better ourselves. So for inspiration for men and children and women around the world, I'm going to try and do a yoga pose and a yoga move, every day on my Instagram to inspire others for us to stay healthy and safe.

"And to be better people."

The 'Toxic' hitmaker is also offering to buy nappies for fans in need, too.

In another Instagram video, she says her sister nominated her to help people as part of a social media trend and she's very willing.

"Whether it's food, or getting your child diapers or whatever it is, DM me and I will help you out," Britney says.

She in turn nominates three other people for the #DoYourPartChallenge - Will Smith, Sam Asghari and Kate Hudson.