Coronavirus: Throwback pop star Anastacia's COVID-19 twist on hit song 'All Outta Love'

Former pop star Anastacia has re-worked the lyrics to the 2000 hit that shot her to fame to reflect the state of the world amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Now 51 years old, the American singer shared an updated version of her hit track 'I'm All Outta Love' on Twitter. 

Clutching a bottle of Dove body wash, Anastacia took the time to clarify the video was not a sponsored advertisement before launching into the chorus, complete with new words. 

"I'm Outta Dove, I can't get clean, I'm at home in quarantine," she sang in the clip. 

"Could be three days, God forbid a month / And my nose can't handle me / I'm outta Dove, can't get clean, I'm at home in quarantine / I'm outta Dove." 

The COVID-19 parody tune has been liked over 150,000 times on Twitter, and even prompted a response from Dove - the company said it'd try to help the singer out if she really was out of soap. 

"You're outta Dove and we're in [love heart emoji," Dove's twitter account replied. 

Anastasia has battled health problems several times, having been diagnosed with Chrone's disease as a teenager and breast cancer twice as an adult.