Harvey Weinstein injured in jail, publicist claims

Harvey Weinstein's spokesperson says he's been hurt while incarcerated, having taken a fall over the weekend at Rikers Island jail. 

According to CNN, publicist Juda Englemayer says the convicted rapist and former movie mogul was dizzy before he fell over and now thinks he has a concussion. 

"Harvey says his head throbs all the time," she said, adding that the disgraced movie mogul hasn't been officially diagnosed. 

During his highly publicised sexual assault trial, Weinstein often appeared in court using a walker - something he doesn't have access to in prison. 

After being convicted of third degree rape and sexual assault, the 72-year-old was diverted to hospital on his way to jail, complaining of chest pains. 

Having previously been free on a US$2 million bond, Weinstein was ordered to be held in jail until his sentencing date on March 11. 

Weinstein's lawyer Donna Rotunno argued the producer's poor health meant he should remain out of custody - citing an unsuccessful back surgery and his requiring shots to keep from going blind. 

Less than 48 hours ahead of the sentencing, Weinstein's lawyers have requested he receive the minimum amount of jail time for his crimes - five years. 

According to Deadline, the Hollywood executive's legal time used his age and specific medical risk factors in a letter stating any longer behind bars could be a death sentence.